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Check your understanding: The Children's Museum

Review the materials for the Children’s Museum MAPS Exhibit by clicking on the Museum Example button in the navigation bar below.

For the two items below, click on the boxes indicating the better statement of the outcome. (Remember: “participants” are children in grades 3-5 and their families)

Outcome Statement 1

Participants learn from the exhibit about maps. Participants demonstrate improved knowledge of map-making.

Outcome Statement 2

Participants have positive family learning experiences in the exhibit. Families have fun together at the exhibit.

For each outcome listed below, click on the boxes below indicating the better stated indicator of that particular outcome.

Indicator 1
Participants demonstrate knowledge of world geography.

Participants who can list exhibit points. Participants who can name continents.

Indicator 2
Geographic educators use exhibit materials for teaching geographical concepts.

Use of website materials for teaching. Request for study materials.

museum case study PDF document

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