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To make an outcome measurable, ask the question: “What change in your participants’ behavior, attitudes, skills, knowledge, status, or condition would indicate success?” That change is an indicator of your outcome. You can have more than one indicator per outcome.

You’ll ensure your indicator is measurable by writing it in the following form:

The # and % of (participants) who (demonstrate what specified change?)

Why start with participants?

To show that you’re observing a member of the target audience for change.

Why number and percent?

To let you decide what level of impact counts as success:  everyone? Half? 80 percent?   (We’ll talk about setting “targets” for success later in this module.)

How specific a change?

Make sure you use a verb that can be observed. Give enough specifics (how many or under what conditions or in what timeframe) that scoring doesn’t depend on guesswork or interpretation.  


Outcome: Girl Scouts know about birds in their area.
Indicator: The # and % of Girl Scouts who can identify at least five local birds on a field trip.

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