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Add It Up:

Needs + Solution → Results/Outcomes

Program developers start with audience needs and then picture results--how the audience would be changed--as they plan the solution to bring about those outcomes. 

Animation showing a picture with a girl thinking. Above the girl's head, a rectangle labeled Needs appears on the left. Then a triangle labeled Outcomes appears above and to the right. Finally the full graphic appears with a circle labeled "Solution" in the middle.

Click the question mark on the graphic above. If the animation doesn't work properly, you may need to download the Flash plugin (see the link below) or view a static version of the graphic. (Text description of animation link.)

Need:  A want, deficit, or condition that is common to a group of individuals.

Solution:  A program that will bring about changed behaviors, knowledge, skills, attitudes, life condition, or status in the target audience and that is designed with audience considerations in mind.

Outcomes:  The change or improvement in the audience that will show your program has succeeded. Specifically, outcomes are changes in behaviors, knowledge, skills, attitudes, life condition, or status.

Now it’s your turn to test your knowledge with an example.

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