Research Results

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Fall 2006 Survey Findings *

A majority of participants in the voluntary fall evaluation found the class material useful to them personally (Figure 1). Participants who took the post-class attitude survey rated the class an average of 4.09 on a 5-point scale for "class benefit" (5= very beneficial to 1=not beneficial).

Figure 1
A comparison of pre- and post-class attitudes showed that Shaping Outcomes substantially increased participants' overall confidence in a variety of OBPE skills. Findings also indicated a positive increase in participants' attitude toward OBPE. Figure 2 shows a plot of group means based on the pre- and post-class attitude survey, which was on a 5-point Likert Scale.

Figure 2

* The evaluation data presented above are from participants enrolled in four Shaping Outcomes classes offered in the fall of 2006 and who participated in an independent evaluation study. Participation was voluntary and designed to assess the outcomes (benefits) of the online class. Evaluation participants completed three Web-based surveys, learning measures for outcomes-based planning and evaluation (OBPE), and a phone interview at the end of their class.

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