Instructor's Manual

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Visit our full website to download the Instructor's Manual. On the full site, you can download the entire manual or sections of it as outlined below. You can also download instructive logic models from this site.


Section 1
  • Part A: Introduction to Shaping Outcomes
  • Part B: The Logic Model
  • Part C: Characteristics of OBPE Program
  • Part D: Benefits of Practicing OBPE
  • Part E: How is the Shaping Outcomes Tutorial Organized?
  • Part F: Overview of Tutorial Modules A - E

Section 2
  • Part H: The Shaping Outcomes Wiki

Section 3
  • Part I: Teaching Shaping Outcomes
  • Part J: About Shaping Outcomes
  • Appendix 1: Materials for Teaching and Administering Shaping Outcomes

Section 4
  • Appendix 2: The OBPE Process
  • Appendix 3: Logic Models

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