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Development Credits

Shaping Outcomes Shaping Outcomes has been developed through a cooperative agreement (#RE-06-05-0014-05) between the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). It was created by faculty from the Museum Studies Program and English Department of the IU School of Liberal Arts, and faculty of the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University-Indianapolis, with the assistance of other faculty, graduate students, and staff of IUPUI.

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Kryder-Reid

Editor and chief writer:  Helen J. Schwartz

Programmer, designer, and writer:  Annette Lamb

Content experts and writers:  Rachel Applegate, Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, Ramona Schescke, Nancee Roberts, Katherine Schilling, Sharon Henriksen

Evaluation team: Howard Mzumara, Ranjita Schinde, Jessica Jacot

Research and Review:  Daniel Callison, Paul Slater, Carol Tilley, Elee Wood, Judy Kirk, Suzanne Braun-McGee, Lynn Ward, Dakin Burdick

Visual Designers: Youngbok Hong, Ana Barroso

Project managers: Natasha Solomon, Bethany Fales, Stefanie Gerber

We gratefully acknowledge the help of Ms. Claudia Horn of Performance Results, Inc., Laytonsville, MD, on whose instructional materials our work is based.  She prepared the original, in-person seminars for grantees of the Institute of Library and Museum Services which our course strives to present in an online, instructor-mediated format.

We also wish to thank the museum and library professionals who supported the development of Shaping Outcomes, particularly our Steering Committee: Nikki Andersen, Daniel Barron, Randi Korn, Jim Nelson, Phil Turner, Jennifer Younger. We are also grateful for the guidance and support Stephen Weil offered the project before his death in the summer of 2005. Countless others contributed to the development of the course by participating in pilot and beta testing and evaluation of the early versions, and by offering feedback for our front end needs assessment.

The IUPUI staff, particularly staff of the IU School of Liberal Arts and the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University-Indianapolis, have been instrumental in the smooth administration of this complex project, and we are grateful for their patient attention to detail.

Finally, we thank the staff of IMLS, particularly Susan Malbin and Karen Motylewski, who have worked tirelessly to develop this resource for the museum and library fields and have worked in the true spirit of a “cooperative agreement” throughout the project.


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