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Instructor's Manual

Download entire Instructor's Manual in pdf. (File is approximately 1.86 MB).

Download instructive logic models:

Download Instructor's Manual in sections:

Section # Contents
  • Part A: Introduction to Shaping Outcomes
  • Part B: The Logic Model
  • Part C: Characteristics of OBPE Program
  • Part D: Benefits of Practicing OBPE
  • Part E: How is the Shaping Outcomes Tutorial Organized?
  • Part F: Overview of Tutorial Modules A - E
  • Part H: The Shaping Outcomes Wiki
  • Part I: Teaching Shaping Outcomes
  • Part J: About Shaping Outcomes
  • Appendix 1: Materials for Teaching and Administering Shaping Outcomes
  • Appendix 2: The OBPE Process
  • Appendix 3: Logic Models



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