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Museum Example: Check your understanding

After reviewing the materials for the Children’s Museum MAPS program (PDF icon available below), consider the following statements. The purpose statement for a program answers the questions: do what? For whom? For what benefit/outcome?

Several answers are given under each question below. Move your mouse over the box containing the correct answer. If you choose the incorrect answer, you'll be provided with feedback about your answer.

we do what for whom for what outcome

We do what? Produce maps on a traveling exhibit. For whom? Museum trustees? For what outcome? The exhibit comes in under budget.
We do what? Geography educators want effective teaching resources. For whom? National Geographic Society? For what outcome? Record number of visitors flock to exhibit.
We do what? Peer reviewers rate exhibit as excellent. For whom? Children in grades 3 through 5 and their families. For what outcome? 30 antique maps are donated to the museum collection.
We do what? Geographic educators use sources and materials. For whom? Project advisors?For what outcome? Positive family learning experiences.

link to museum case study PDF document

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